Client Brand Design
Basche Interior Design

Back Story

Client is the owner of a small design and decor company that focuses on creating a luxurious experience within the various rooms of the house.

I was requested to come up with a brand that suggests a very elegant, detail-focused brand.

Client Work

Much of the clients work suggests a lot of minimalism with accented pieces to bring a level of elegance and grandeur to each room. As such the logo created, must reflect both minimalism and elegance at the same time.

Elegance in Minimalism

In order for the logo to reflect not only elegance but minimalism, the logo must show these values in the shapes and colours that the logo will show. It must use colors found in the client's work to reflect the luxurious brand that the client has built so far.

Initial Ideas

At first I tried to take on some block fonts and and modify them. I used a combination of lowercase and uppercase as well as various font weights.

I decided to move along the route of a thinner font and focused on designing in grayscale to focus on the shape of the text.

Final Result