Client Website Redesign
Closet Theory

Back Story

The client owns a boutique custom closet storage/organization solutions company called Closet Theory. They had used the same design for nearly a year now, and they wanted something more suited to showing their work to their clients via their website.

With this in mind I set out to create a very simple, but background image heavy background to really create an immersive experience for visitors to the site.

Client Work

Existing Site

Although the site is very simplistic, there are many things that restrict the content from presenting itself elegantly. Here are my notes:

  • Active page highlighted with pink
  • Layout is restricted to less than 960px
  • Content is inaccessible at times
  • Lack of enough images
  • Social buttons are almost not visible
  • Does not have a great overall user experience

Minimalism through Maximization

In order for the new site to succeed, it will need to be focused on presenting its content to the client in an easy manner. That means that maximizing the available area to fill will as much materials and details to really show off Closet Theory's work.

Final Result