Personal Project
Line Icons

Back Story

One can find hundreds if not thousands of icon fonts available over the internet. The problem is any of them are inconsistent. Take Font Awesome for example: great font, lots of icons. But it has inconsistencies in weights and style not to mention size of icons.

As such, I set myself on a goal to come up with a line icon set which has consistent weight, size and style while not comprimising quality and most importantly built for all platforms, both web and mobile.

Icon Sets - Web

Font Awesome

These icons are all well designed and are built for small sizes. They are particularly good for quick protyping and especially when it comes to web app ui because of the sheer number of icons each set has.

Icon Sets - Mobile

iOS Icons
Android Icons

The state of icons on mobile is much better as both design guides developed for iOS and Android are a lot stricter and therefore icon consistency is much better than compared to the above examples

Finding the Middle Ground

As much as the icon sets on mobile are consistent and follow strict guidelines, the icons on web do not provide the same level of consistency available on the mobile.

Final Result