Concept Logo Redesign
Off The Wall Media

Legacy Branding

2012 - 2013

While in 2014 the logo was more representative of a media company because of the play button, the logo remained unimaginative and doesn't stray far from the stereotypical images a media company would use.

Other Brands

Fresh Egg
  • Text and shapes
  • Common words
  • Fresh colours
  • Bold colors
  • Angles and soft corners
  • One word
Sapient Nitro
  • Abstract shape
  • Energetic colors
  • Contain initials in text

The commonality that these logos all share is direct usage of their brand's name in their logo. So that in the event that one is present without the other the logo is still identifiable.

The New Off The Wall Media

In order to distinguish itself, Off The Wall Media must not cling onto the typical shapes and ideas associated with a media company. It must move towards a fresh ideas and define itself, rather than having a word lile 'media' define it.

Initial Ideas

I began to think of shapes that could be associated with media. Immediately, I thought of speech bubble and tried to incorporate it into the wordmark. As I played around I realised it was not enough of a fundamental change.

I decided to think of 'off the wall' in its literal meaning. As a kid, I used to play a game where group of kids would throw a tennis ball against a wall.

Final Result