Concept Logo Redesign

Legacy Branding


Despite the simplicity that Wikipedia has used in their logo, it lacks a significant enough shift in their branding to other newly rebranded companies.

Other Brands

  • Serif Typography
  • Rounded character
  • Suggests purpose in name
Stack Overflow
  • Shape represents brand
  • Simplistic tricolor scheme
  • Suggests volumes of activity
  • Pays homage to legacy logo
  • Sepreate url from brand name
  • Bright colors

Although these brands are not direct competitors to Wikipedia and much of the structure and purpose between these brands and Wikipedia are alike, much can be taken away from the above brands and their respective evolution.

Refacing Wikipedia

Wikipedia has stuck to its roots and remained simple in their branding, letting their work and the services they provide do the talking. But powerful product must as have a powerful and, more importantly, modern brand.

Initial Ideas

If I wanted to play around with fonts I would need to keep something constant: the 'wikipedia' text. I decided to go right for a serif rounded text and came to this option.

Not getting the desired effect, I opted for not using round corners and moved towards a thinner font. Showing options with and without the shadow.

With the thinner option visibility at smaller sizes became a problem so I used something thicker and slightly rounded corners.

Final Result