Concept App Design
Writhem Radio


Grooveshark was my favourite music app for a long time, for 1 reason: Writhem Radio. The station was my go to for chill programming music when I got bored of my regular music library and wanted to discover something new. Following the closure of Grooveshark, Writhem Radio is prepping a new radio site to host their great music. With that in mind, I decided to design what I thought what Writhem Radio's iOS app might look like.

Key Elements

I started by outlining what are the key elements of the music popular music services.

Play Button

For this app having a play button as a center piece was essential.

Volume control

Easy volume control access would be required.


A quene system with voting would be required to autonimize the playlist.

Final Product


While a list view would have been a more functional approach, I decided to make this page blend both the functionality and design so that it sets the flow for the remaining views. We can see this peak of the functionality by going with a cover art approach (a popular visualization in legacy iOS music apps).

Also from this view I decided to add some song purchasing functionality by linking to the Apple Music and Google Play Music stores.

Up Next

Here I combined both the add music and quene functionality. From this view, not only can songs coming up be managed but also volume and play controls are still accessible. I went with the setup for this view because it has the most amount of functionality packed the most functionality within an overlay drawer view.

Voting for a song is done with the arrows. Voting activity is color coded to indicate the popularity of a song.

Add Song

Since people use a lot of services, I decided to offer people the ability to suggest songs. Metadata of the added song would be sent to the service and that song would be located and added to the quene for voting.

Users have the ability to add their own music and can add their own metadata. Song are then sent to the quene for voting where other users can listen to the preview.